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the branch of physics that deals with the behavior of free blaktrons, blaktrons being the darkest known huemans, constituents of all huemans..
“we bring you glad tidings from the noble planes of human suffering. grace, mercy, and sacrifice are the ingredients which constitute 'return of the afronaut'. like the title suggests, we have returned, but not without mission. we are in search of god and the god-like. SALAAM.“

the name, blaktroniks, is a metaphor to connote the ability to manipulate a waveform to simulate a variety of naturally occurring phenomena, and transmit it, thus creating a transformation matrix that allows the receiver to move freely from one thought to another.
blaktroniks, whose formers are the songwriters edd dee pee and x-ray, started in 1996 in the bay area, when x-ray moved in from minneapolis and edd from detroit. the two met at the insistance of a mutual friend after she heard x-ray was forming a company specializing in digital media. the two quickly realized each other's potential to produce compelling digital media, and set out to record their first full-length cd titled "return of the afronaut". the two then ventured across america, and europe to promote it.

upon returning, they completed three more full-length cds, 1997's "process of illumination", 1998's "national tantrum", and 1999's "blaktroniks", before releasing two critically acclaimed EPs, "movement : moment" and "truth and desire" (including remixes by domu and mike grant) on the indie label moving records. coops with jonah sharp, larry heard, prymer and others followed, as well as releases on tokyo dawn (2001-2003), electuz (2001), sofa (2001), die lounge (2001), the soul magazine (2002) and reflective (2003). and not to forget the two tours "moving reflection tour" in 2001 with prymer and selim sonos and the seduction at 33 1/3rd moving records tour together with mike grant (moods'n'grooves) and move-d (source). the blaktroniks-"family" includes various artists and there are more projects which will see the daylight in the close future ! .