Blancheneige Bazaar Orchestra

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The bazaar Blancheneige Orchestra (BBO) is born from the meeting, four years ago, six musicians inspired by jazz, Indian music, the melodies of Eastern Europe and Eastern rhythms, but have evolved to sounds contemporary music.

Punctuated with haunting themes and rhythms that have a strong element of improvisation, the music of BBO is a melting pot of lively traditional music reinvented. This "musical grub" which gives a jazz spices of India, the mild North African and Turkish spice of the klezmer tradition. The origins Israeli, Algerian, Russian and Greek musicians, and their taste for travel when they report typical instruments, there are always something to do!

Conquerors sometimes inhospitable land, the 'cowboys oriental "BBO impregnated unscrupulous culture of their ancestors to give it to the current tastes in a mixture of East and West.

Advocating openness and exchange, bazaar Blancheneige Orchestra plays regularly in the streets of Paris, accompanied by a conference of the Fondation de France of Judaism or a troupe of circus performance in a geriatric hospital, mounts a musical play children summer camps of the City of Paris ... The music of BBO has even inspired social scientists who have asked muscians to expose how they incorporated the legacy of traditional music in their creative process at a symposium on the creative dimension of immigration (Encounter "creative metropolis" February 16, Maison de l'Europe in Paris). .