Blanco Diablo

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Blanco Diablo is everything the band's name suggests and even some things it doesn't. This is a band on a mission and not one of those panty-waist, boy band evil missions either - this is dangerous rock & roll that engages the brain as well as the bones. The band's timeless rock songs have an edge all their own, honed with a relentlessly intense musical middle finger thrust at double-talking politicos that will define a genre, not mimic one.

Tearing it up with such national acts as Tantric, Drivin n Cryin, Brides of Destruction, Rose Hill Drive, Firehouse, Jackyl, and Gary Hoey, BLANCO DIABLO continues to establish themselves as a band with a distinct style and abiding love for music. Be it with full-blown electric intensity or soulful bluesy jams, BLANCO DIABLO often perform in the Southeast, New York City, and the U.K. Their debut CD Paper Poison Revolution was released on Rock Ridge Music on April 25th, 2006. An exclusive single from the CD, titled "Fix Me Again", resulted in 6000 downloads in the first week of release on On their 2006 U.K. tour the band performed at the acclaimed Oswestry Music Live Festival in Shropshire County England with over 12,000 in attendance. 2007 saw the band return to an even larger reception at the Oswestry Music Live festival and subsequent successful tour of the UK. In 2008, the band returned to the UK for 2 more successful headline tours, radio interviews and appearances, and festival performances. The summer 2008 UK tour concluded with the band recording their sophomore disc with Grammy-nominated producer Chris Tsangarides at the Ecology Rooms Studio in Kent, England.

Blanco Diablo has gained solid local, regional, and national press including a highlight in the November 2006 issue of Modern Drummer magazine recognizing the band's relentless touring schedule.

The band gained regular radio play in the the Southeastern US on stations such as WEND, WRXR, WOBX, WXQR, WRCQ, WYBB, WTPT, and WBZT for their debut single "Fix Me Again". In the UK, the band has 3 different singles in rotation on Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show on BBC 6 Music, Radio Maldwyn in Shropshire County, CRMK 89.8 in Milton Keynes, England, Sunshine Radio 106.2 FM in Herefordshire, England, and Rock247 Radio in Staffordshire, England. From December 2006 through January 2007, the Speed Channel on Cable and Satellite Television featured the band's single on the Speed Report show. Fall 2008 had the band featured on various NFL games on the FOX Network with their song "Fix Me Again" being broadcast nationwide!

The band entered 2009 being recognized by Lionsgate Films for the song "Killing Kings" for the "Punisher: War Zone" Judges' Pick Soundtrack. Just a few months later, Classic Rock Magazine in the UK featured the band and chose the track "Best of Me" to be included in the March 2009 issue and compilation disc. Summer 2009 kicked off in the UK on a festival tour and guest hosting Bruce Dickinson's BBC 6 Music Rock Show.

2010 and 2011 was spent bringing the RAWK to their loyal following and writing super-charged riffs and melodies for the follow-up to the awesome "Killing Kings" CD.

Look for the new album "Attack the Fire" produced and recorded in the UK by the legendary Chris Tsangarides in early 2012 on Dark Lord Records and Sony/ATV publishing. .