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There are at least two bands that have used this name:

#1 Fire. Not many psychedelic bands emerged from Hounslow. Fire were the 1966 exception, loaded up with songs for a concept album. "THE MAGIC SHOEMAKER" has moments of originality and true psychedelia as in the passage linking "Reason For Everything" and "Only A Dream" as well as touches of pop and R&B.

The recent upsurge of interest in psychedelic music led Fire to reform for two historic concerts on 30th November and 1st December, 2007, at The Windlesham Theatre in Surrey, England. The band, which consisted of the three original members: Dave Lambert (lead vocals; guitar), Dick Dufall (backing vocals, bass guitar) and Bob Voice (backing vocals, drums) played "THE MAGIC SHOEMAKER" album in its entirety, an ambition never previously fulfilled due to frustrations encountered within the music industry. Fire also played classics including "FATHER'S NAME IS DAD" and "TREACLE TOFFEE WORLD".

A live Fire CD recording from the Windlesham concerts is expected during early/mid 2008, with the possibility of a DVD also under consideration. In the meantime, several amateur videoclips of Fire performing at Windlesham may be found at -search for "Magic Shoemaker".

#2 Fire (Band). Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band best known for its multitalented leader Ville Kujala.