Fire In The Attic

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FIRE IN THE ATTIC is a five piece rock / post-hardcore band from Bonn, Germany. They were founded in 2003 and have been touring since. By now they released one EP and 3 Full Length records on Redfield Records, a german indie label. They have toured with a great deal of well known bands, including Alexisonfire, Coheed And Cambria, The Bled, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, Jimmy Eat World, Millencolin, Anti-Flag and many more. They also played alot of festivals including the ROCK AM RING and ROCK IM PARK Festival, Highfield, Novarock, Rheinkultur, all dates of the TASTE OF CHAOS tour in 2006 in Germany and played shows in all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Belgium so far. The record "Cum Grano Salis" was released in 2008 and came free with the german music magazine VISIONS.

In 2008 the singer left the band and was replaced with Thomas Prescott, former member of KENAI and resident of the UK. Their first record with the current line up will be released in spring 2009.

Band members:
Thomas Prescott - vocals/synth/keys
Richard Meyer - guitars/vocals
Daniel Crebelli - guitars/vocals
Dennis Meyer - bass
Daniel Plotzki - Drums

Fire in the Attic (2009)
Cum Grano Salis (2008)
I'll Beat You, City! (2006)
Crush / Rebuild (2005)
Decision & Action (2004) .