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The Collegium Aureum is an instrumental ensemble founded in 1962 in Germany.

It is a loose association of soloists and conservatory teachers founded by the Freiburg-based record company Harmonia Mundi. From its beginnings the ensemble dedicated itself to the task of reviving historical performance practices in order to convey an impression of the music's authentic sound. This "resurrected court orchestra" plays works of the Baroque, the Classical, as well as the Romantic periods on historical instruments.

The string players use valuable original instruments from the 18th century, and the wind players also use copies of old instruments, thus achieving a balance of timbre. In accordance with early performance practice, the ensemble plays without conductor, being led by the concert-master as primus inter pares.

Numerous LP and CD recordings have made the Collegium Aureum well-known. Concert tours have led to England, France, Japan, Latin America, North Africa, the Netherlands, the USSR, and the Middle East.

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