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1. (DEEN) , DEEN is a Japanese popular music group. It made its debut in March 10, 1993 with a single 'Konomama Kimidake wo Ubaisaritai' that sold over a million disks. Members frequently changed until the release of first album, and from there DEEN had 4 members, the main vocalist 池森秀一(Ikemori Shuichi), the keyboard 山根公路(Yamane Koji), the guitar 田川伸治(Tagawa Sinji), and the drummer 宇津本直木(Utsumoto Naoki). In January 2000, Utsumoto left the group.

2. Deen (aka Fuad Backović) is also a solo singer from Bosnia & Herzegovina. He was born on the 4th of December, 1982 in Sarajevo. From 1997-2002 he was a member of the boyband Seven Up, which competed in the 1999 Bosnian & Herzegovina selection for Eurovision Song Contest with "Daj, spusti se". In 2001 he competed in the same contest, now as a solo artist, with "10 miliona ljubavi" and again in 2003 with "Taxi." In 2004, he represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest with "In The Disco."

3. Hailing from the streets of Cerritos, California, Deen represents a new era in music. Los Angeles born and bred, rapper/actor “Deen” was give birth to by Pakistani parents with an Afghani background. Deen meaning “way of life” in Arabic is gearing up to be one of the first hip-hop artists of Southeast Asian origin to breakout into the mainstream. Close ties to his homeland and a religious background have paved the way for him to become a major international star and a global commodity.