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1) Frozen Tears is a bulgarian symphonic black metal band. Founded in 1998, by Jeliazko Dimitrov (guitar), Radko Jelev and Mihail Mihaylov (drums).

"The style of the Bulgarian group Frozen Tears is melodic / symphonic Black metal which includes some folk and gothic elements weaved succesfully into one. This is music inspired by beautiful Bulgarian nature and ancient cultural traditions reflected by personal feelings, spirituality and individuality of every single member of Frozen Tears."

"The band is formed in September, 1998 by Zhelyazko Dimitrov (lead guitars), Radko Zhelev (keyboards) and Mihail Mihaylov (drums and percussions). In October the same year the vocalists Stoyan Dimitrov (Zhelyazko's brother) and Yana Dimitrova and the guest musician Voyssel Voysselov - Vesko (bass guitars) has joined in.

The first demo of the band has been recorded at Pleven and its final mastering and mixing has been made in Elhovo. The demo tape has been sent to Bulgarian National Radio (BNR). The auditory of the only hard'n'heavy rubric at BNR - Saturday '2000 - has chosen one song from this demo for The Hit of the Month.

After it Frozen Tears has gained great popularity which has given them an impulse to create more and more beautiful songs. The virtuosal ability of the musicians to combine various ideas has helped their music gain polyphonic sound mixed with symphonic hardness, variability, instrumentals and rich moods in which agressiveness and tenderness had met.

Soon after the demo the band has signed contract with the Bulgarian label Counter Attack. In March, 2000 the debute album of Frozen Tears - "Frozen Tears / When The Earth Cries" MC 2000 - has been recorded. Its great success has given the band an additional ambition to create new music despite of all difficulties on its way.

Meanwhile Frozen Tears has separated with its drummer Mihail Mihaylov and Pencho Penchev has joined the band as a guest drummer. At this line-up in July, 2001 the band nas recorded its second album - "World Still Uncreated" MC 2001 / CD 2002 - a marvellous masterpiece which combined all the best from Frozen Tears." - from The Official Page of Frozen Tears

2) Frozen Tears is also the name of an Italian heavy metal band. .

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