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Norwegian power metal band formed in the ashes of Phoenix Rizing in 2001. Their debut album From The Cradle To The Brave was released in 2003. In 2005 their second album Forever Endeavour was released. Both albums was released in Scandinavia under Face Front, and in Europe by Massacre Records.

Highland Glory recently released their third album, titled "Twist of Faith". End of 2011, Highland Glory parted with some of their members, they are currently seeking for new members.

* Jack-Roger Olsen - Guitars
* Knut Egil Tøftum - Bass

* Jan Thore Grefstad - Vocals on first two albums, now in Saint Deamon
* Lars André Larsen - Guitar and keyboards
* Trine Elise Johansen - Vocals
* Morten Færøvig - Drums

* From the Cradle to the Brave (2003)
* Forever Endeavour (2005)
* Twist of Faith (2011) .

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