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Queen Adreena is a band from London, England that formed in 1999. Described at various times as “art, punk, metal, rock, or alternative”, Queen Adreena's music is difficult to categorise.

Formed by singer Katie Jane Garside and guitarist Crispin Gray, they had previously collaborated in the celebrated but short-lived band Daisy Chainsaw. Garside and Gray did not cross paths again until 2000 when they formed Queen Adreena. An album, Taxidermy, soon followed in 2001. Pete Howard, the last drummer to play with The Clash, joined just before the band signed with Rough Trade for their second album, 2003’s Drink Me, featuring the lead single "Pretty Like Drugs". Queen Adreena toured extensively in the U.K. and Europe. Their third album was released in 2005: The Butcher and the Butterfly.

Ride a Cock Horse, an album of mostly unreleased rare material, is only available from www.myspace.com/queenadreenafrance.
In 2008, Queen Adreena released the album Djin in Japan.

As of 2010, the band announced they would be on hiatus. .

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