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1. Quorum (Russia, Moscow)
2. A Capella band from Lithuania.

1. Quorum (Russia, Moscow) — Progressive rock band formed in 2003. The band is influenced by XIX century music and ‘70s rock. Some listeners point out some influences of Genesis, Rush, Autograf, Camel, etc.

The band was existing for surprisingly long time before its first release.

Bassist/keyboardist Dmitry Shtatnov and guitarist Pavel Barabanov met each other driven by similar goals in summer 2002. Pavel played guitar in Nova Art at that moment. But the duet turned into a true band in spring 2003 when it was joined by drummer Sergey Niconorov. Keyboardist Stanislav Smirnov joined the band in summer 2003. It was much more difficult to find proper vocalist and after a year of unsuccessful search Dmitry decided to sing himself.
In the fall 2004 Quorum started to play from time to time in local musical clubs. Quite later Elena Kanevskaya (Eternal Wanderers, duet at that time) was invited as second vocalist and in 2005—2006 Quorum of five members recorded its first demo-CD.
Smirnov leaved Quorum at the very beginning of 2007 and the band found itself in suspense. Further attempts to find keyboardist were unsuccessful and Dmitry having basic piano education and experience, decided to play keyboards himself. Quorum continued as studio-only trio.
In 2008 Snow, the song from the 1st Demo was published in progressive rock compilation Music for brains-4: Grand Finale and Quorum started preparing for debut album recording. Meanwhile Wanderers flutist, Dmitry Drogounov also joined Quorum.
Album Klubkin's Voyage was being tracked during 2009 and mixed during fall 2009—fall 2010 and at the same time Quorum finally found new bass player, Vladimir Yanovsky who leaved folk-rock band Polynia.

In 2011 the band is planning to re-record songs from ’06 Demo-CD with little new content.
Official website: quorum.su

Dmitry Shtatnov: keyboards, vocals
Pavel Barabanov: guitars
Sergey Niconorov: drums
Elena Kanevskaya: live keyboards, vocals
Dmitry Drogounov: flutes, guitars
Vladimir Yanovsky: bass-guitar

Former members:
Stanislav Smirnov: Live keyboards

2. A Capella band from Lithuania.

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