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There are more than one band/group called Raptor:

1) A Grime MC from the UK. Raptor is the latest member of the Dcypha Productions family helmed by one of the UK’s finest; Sway. He is a producer, rapper and musician. Raptor has been a best kept secret until now. Until now Raptor has been hidden away, carefully honing his craft, waiting patiently for his time. The ‘Some Bad Advice’ is his first official mixtape. A mixtape containing original tracks and freestyles, inspired by life, pop culture, an acute passion for music and Manga. You can download it here: http://www.sway.uk.com/raptor-some-bad-advice-mixtape/

2) Raptor is a satanic Black Metal side-project of Mortifer (Hell Icon).
Discography :
Antichristian terror propaganda Demo, 2003
Worship The Goat Full-length, 2005
Crowning The Antichrist Demo, 2005
Necromantic Rites Demo, 2005
Anger And Wrath Demo, 2006

3) RAPTOR was officially born on 2003, from the ashes of several previous projects and after some line-up changes, when Rodrigo Valdes joined Andres Herrera, Andres Lozano and Alejandro Diaz to complete which - for quite a few years - was a musical project with no major ambitions than enjoying playing music among friends.

It is from 2006 when a clear target is set up to record their debut album; which was produced by our friend Sergio "Galleta" Arenas and recorded at Maestria Estudios. Nothing but Rage includes 10 powerful and deep songs, loaded of energy, which summarize the work performed all these years together… RAPTOR is here to stay, keep in contact!

4) RAPTOR is a duo from vegas; djing and producing www.myspace.com/planetraptor

5) Raptor: portuguese MC. http://www.myspace.com/raptormc

6) Croatian thrash metal band.

7) Raptor is also the name of the solo project of pastor Jörgen Fahlberg (of The Kristet Utseende and Totalitär).

8) Dutch upcoming Drum and Bass DJ and producer http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raptor/115805218515271?ref=ts

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