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One Christmas, while still a teenager living on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, Erik Gage received a gift card from his grandmother. While browsing online, he stumbled across one hundred C-10 cassette tapes. Encouraged by Adam Forkner of White Rainbow, he started his own cassette label, Gnar Tapes & Shit. The first release was Super Destroy, a series of ten-minute tapes with something different recorded on each one—noise, talking, random raps, whatever—to which Adam responded, “That’s one way to do it.” Since then, Gnar has released a buttload of tapes by folks from all over the world, plus several by the rock band White Fang, which Erik formed with neighborhood chums. The Memories is a variation of White Fang with a couple pals switched out. They play a decidedly unrandom brand of feel-good pop. Burger Records, the powerhouse of contemporary cassette culture, is obsessed with the Memories and will be reissuing their first cassette (which has already been reissued on vinyl by Underwater Peoples) and something new, too. » .

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