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There are two acts that go by the name West End Girls:

1) West End Girls are a Swedish tribute band performing cover versions of songs by British duo the Pet Shop Boys. Hailing from Stockholm, the duo comprises 16-year-olds Isabelle Erkendal and Rosanna Jirebeck. Erkendal provides main vocals for the band and is the "Neil Tennant" figure, whilst Jirebeck is behind her as "Chris Lowe". They have been performing together since 2003.

Unlike other cover bands, their style emulates the Pet Shop Boys rather than providing direct facsimilies. Their videos and photography echo elements seen in Pet Shop Boys own projects, such as industrial architecture, hats, dogs, costumes, gestures etc., as well as techniques such as colourful lighting and mixing live action with computer graphics.

In October 2005, they released a version of the Pet Shop Boys hit "Domino dancing" which originally appeared on the Pet Shop Boys album Introspective. The single was produced by Johan Fjellström and debuted at number 6 in the Swedish single chart reaching a peak position of number 3.

In January 2006, their cover of "West End girls", the track that inspired their name, was released.

West End Girls debut album is due to be released in April 2006 and is called Goes Petshopping. On 23 January 2006, Popjustice announced the track listing. The Pet Shop Boys' album that the original track comes from has been included in brackets.

1. "I'm not scared" (Introspective)
2. "Domino dancing" (Introspective)
3. "Suburbia" (Please)
4. "Rent" (Actually)
5. "Shopping" (Actually)
6. "You only tell me you love me when you're drunk" (Nightlife)
7. "West End girls" (Please)
8. "Being boring" (Behaviour)
9. "Love comes quickly" (Please)
10. "It's a sin" (Actually)
11. "Jealousy" (Behaviour)

2) West End Girls came together in British Columbia in their late teens. Members Camille Henderson, Aimee MacKenzie and Silvana Petrozzi were groomed by songwriters John Dexter and John Livingston. Dexter hand-picked the Girls in 1990 and groomed them under the moniker "Anne, Marie & Lisa", but later changed their name to the West End Girls. The act became Canadian teen sensations with their self-titled dance/pop debut album and the hits "Not Like Kissing You" and a remake of the Jackson 5 classic "I Want You Back". Petrozzi left shortly after the first album and was replaced by Janele Woodley and shortly before the release of the second album Henderson left for a solo career. Her replacement was Celia-Louise Martin. By the summer of 1993, their second album "We Belong Together" was released. Their sound changed dramatically to R&B/Hip Hop and they had hits with "R U Sexin' Me", "State Of The Heart" and "Pure (You're Touching Me)". The group split up in 1994. .

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