...And Stars Collide

...And Stars Collide are a band from Nottingham, England that fit most closely into the genre labelled post-rock, playing instrumental music with a strong emphasis on dynamics. Though the band may draw inspiration from the delicate tones and textures of artists like Explosions In The Sky, a wide range of influences converges to create a sound wholly their own.

The band return in 2011 with “The Courage to Start Again”, their first full-length album, which delivers on the promise made by the epic “When Our Eyes First Met” EP released for free download in April. The new album retains the guitar-driven nature of the band’s previous release but draws more deeply from progressive influences, pushing the dynamics wider and honing the arrangements to flow relentlessly from start to finish. From the immediacy of opener Corridors through to the thunderous closing title-track, the record defies the post-rock blueprint with a carefully crafted use of melody, aggression and restraint.

Recorded by Richard Collins and Robin Newman (Therapy?, You Slut!, LostAlone) and mastered by Medi Safa (*shels, Black Sheep Wall, Mahumodo), the seven-track album sees a CD release on July 18th through the band’s Sky Weeps Productions imprint.

...And Stars Collide received widespread acclaim in 2009 for their self-titled debut EP and subsequent live dates with the likes of Pure Reason Revolution, Rinoa and These Monsters.

RoomThirteen: "“The record is, from the melodic head nodding anthems to the delicate spine tingling slow builds, a cohesive and well rounded experience that you want to hear in one sitting.” (12/13) (July 2011, online)

Rock Sound: "...appealing and, quite frankly, very fresh sounding ...pure innovation..." (8/10) (April 2009, issue 121)

The Silent Ballet: "...the tracks efficiently run the gamut from tension-setting to cathartic release... It is a promising future for these lads." (6.5/10) (April 2009, online)

Albion: "It is with great pleasure I announce that ...And Stars Collide will, that's undeniable, will go on to great things. ...this is an incredible debut..." (8.5/10) (April 2009, online)

...And Stars Collide were formed in late 2005 and currently have the following lineup:
Tom Baines : guitar, keys
Rob Laban : bass (ex-Kismet, ex-Tolpicia)
Andrew Pimm : drums, percussion (Human Hair, ex-Silent Mirth, ex-The Grace Kelly Footage)
Chris Smith : guitar, keys (ex-The Crimson Roadmap, ex-Ghost Cassette)

The original lineup included:
Adam Bambury : guitar, keys
James Alvarez : drums, samples