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Cabeiri brothers Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos from Greece are best known for their live sets that range from deep spacey Ambient to down-tempo Trance. Cabeiri delivers their first release with "Inner Thoughts"; a strong album full of deep, relaxing ambient laced with down tempo grooves and complex melodies. "Inner Thoughts"...


Cabeiri - Rise Up
Cabeiri - Hot Liquid
Cabeiri - Adorable View
Cabeiri - Innermost Call
Cabeiri - Voices
Cabeiri - New Land
Cabeiri - Hidden Secrets
Cabeiri - Voyager
Cabeiri - Consciousness Alert
Cabeiri - The Reborn Process
Cabeiri - The Great Ocean
Cabeiri - The Bacchae
Cabeiri - Unknown Sources
Cabeiri - Matter's Morphology
Cabeiri - Night's Lair
Cabeiri - The Mythical Horse
Cabeiri - Self Insider
Cabeiri - Nothing to Fear
Cabeiri - Elliptical Orbit
Cabeiri - Eliconiades