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The music of ::thinkstandard:: is a language related to the invisible; by which nothingness is suddenly there in a form that cannot be seen but can certainly be perceived. ::thinkstandard:: can communicate aural experiences that remain damantly defiant to words. The writer Albert Camus stated "if we understood the enigmas of life, there would be no need for art." We know that words have the power to name the unnameable, but as ::thinkstandard:: shows us, music may also convey the sensation and emotional weight of the subject without being bound by lyrical content.

::thinkstandard:: creates independently, the music contains within it the capacity to sensitise and stimulate the listener's latent exploratory senses. Music that seems to capture time itself and slow it to a statelier pace, ::thinkstandard:: varies the speed and intensity of the songs creating, at times, an unhurried dreamlike journey. Musical beauty is the satisfaction of knowing the imprimatur of moments and capturing them, ::thinkstandard:: does this completely.

www.thinkstandard.com .