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Japan (2004-2013)

OZ (formed as -OZ-) was a visual kei band with a heavy rock/metal sound. They were formed in Japan in October 2004 and disbanded in 2013. The band had five members; Natsuki (vocals) Aki (guitar), Tama (guitar), Nao (bass) and Zukki (drums). They were signed to Loop Ash Records in Japan, and were signed from 2009 to 2013 in Europe by CLJ Records.

During 2005-2008, they released 13 singles (LIVE-distributed included) and 1 mini-album ("SIX"), which all have been sold out completely. In the beginning of 2009, OZ announced two new maxi singles, the first entitled "VENOM" was released on March 4th, and the second entitled "DETOX" was released on April 1st, 2009.
On May 27, 2009 OZ released their 1st LIVE-DVD entitled "A FACT OF LIFE 20090218 -Territory TOKYO-" including ~10 songs.

On September 16, 2009, -OZ- released their 1st album entitled "VERSUS" (CD+DVD) in Japan. It was also released in Europe as an CD+DVD Edition on Sepember 23rd.

On February 24, 2010 -OZ- released the single "wisteria". On May 5th, the following one was "viridian" both including 3 new tracks. Both singles was later released for the European market as an Digital Release.

In Summer 2010, -OZ- announced that they will release their 2nd studio album, entitled "Rouge" on November 10 ,2010, and a BEST OF-album, entitled "BEST2006-2010" on December 1,2010 with previous released tracks.
Their European label CLJ Records has confirmed that both albums are being released in Europe as well.

-OZ- announced their 1st European tour in January 2011, they'll be visiting Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, Russia and United Kingdom.

In 2013 they disbanding with their last realease, COMPLETE BEST ALBUM limited to 1000 copies, which includes 4 CD's with all material realeased since "Eve’s apple" until "CRUNK" including their last exclusive track "to CONTINUE"

Official site: http://www.territory-oz.com .