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Detroit post-punk quartet Protomartyr formed in 2010, slowly bubbling up out of a few bands in a tightly knit music scene. Guitarist Greg Ahee, bassist Scott Davidson, and drummer Alex Leonard started the caustic punk band Butt Babies in 2008, playing mostly dive bars and basements and eventually getting together...


Protomartyr - In My Sphere
Protomartyr - Machinist Man
Protomartyr - Hot Wheel City [Explicit]
Protomartyr - 3 Swallows
Protomartyr - Free Supper [Explicit]
Protomartyr - Jumbo's
Protomartyr - Ypsilanti
Protomartyr - Too Many Jewels
Protomartyr - (Don't You) Call Me Out My Name
Protomartyr - How He Lived After He Died
Protomartyr - Feral Cats
Protomartyr - Wine of Ape [Explicit]
Protomartyr - Principalities
Protomartyr - King Boots (Bonus Track)
Protomartyr - Bubba Helms (Bonus Track)
Protomartyr - Cartier E.G.s (Bonus Track)
Protomartyr - Whatever Happened to the Saturn Boys?
Protomartyr - Maidenhead
Protomartyr - Ain't So Simple
Protomartyr - Want Remover
Protomartyr - Trust Me Billy
Protomartyr - Pagans
Protomartyr - What The Wall Said
Protomartyr - Tarpeian Rock
Protomartyr - Bad Advice
Protomartyr - Son of Dis
Protomartyr - Scum, Rise!
Protomartyr - I Stare at Floors
Protomartyr - Come & See
Protomartyr - Violent
Protomartyr - I'll Take That Applause
Protomartyr - Baseball Bat
Protomartyr - You're With A Creep
Protomartyr - The Milk Drinkers
Protomartyr - Psychic Doorbell