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!distain (released as Distain! in the 1990's, by now the exclamation mark goes in the front of the name) is a friendly and unpretentious synth-pop band from Munich, Germany, consisting of singer Alexander Braun and Manfred Thomaser. Here's a short band biography: 1992 Band foundation by Alexander Braun, Oliver Faig...


!distain - SynthPopGirl
!distain - Here in Silence
!distain - From Horizon to Horizon
!distain - Mandragore
!distain - 21st Century Girl
!distain - West End Girls - Feat Katrin P
!distain - Lighthouse Ove the Horizon
!distain - Pop Song
!distain - Love Machine
!distain - Inquisition - Feat Sara Noxx
!distain - The Fla
!distain - East At Last - Feat Seyhan
!distain - Mandragore (Silica Gel Mix)
!distain - Recruit My Soul
!distain - Gatorator
!distain - From Horizon to Horizon (DJ Feel Mix)
!distain - Mandragore (Hajas Mix)
!distain - the FLA (Peter Rainman Turned On Mix)
!distain - History Forecast - Chinese Theatre Feat. !Distain/Peter Rainman T
!distain - Mandragore (Peter Rainman High Hopes Mix)
!distain - Typical B Side - Original Demo
!distain - Facing the Rain (Instrumental)
!distain - The 6th Floor (feat. Seyhan)
!distain - Mein weg
!distain - Why (Bootlicking Hypocrites)
!distain - 100%
!distain - Values of Trust
!distain - What Do You Want from Me (feat. Tess Fries)
!distain - My God
!distain - Monokultur (feat. Rick Prokein)
!distain - Together
!distain - Second Coming
!distain - Mediaeval Presence
!distain - Mein Weg (Elektrostaub)