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D-Block formerly known as The L.O.X. is a group of 5 emcees originating from Yonkers, New York discovered by Mary J. Blige. The name The L.O.X. originated from "The Warlox", however, it was shortened to The LOX. The LOX is now a backronym for "Living Off Experience" and is composed...


D-Block - So Much Trouble
D-Block - Thrilla
D-Block - Show Em
D-Block - Get That Paper
D-Block - Get Ya Bounce On
D-Block - From The Block
D-Block - That's D-Block
D-Block - Round And Round
D-Block - Hello
D-Block - Brother's Keeper
D-Block - Hustler's Prayer
D-Block - Like That Ya'll (Remix)
D-Block - Lies
D-Block - Gator Ent.
D-Block - Before You Grow
D-Block - I-95
D-Block - Beautiful Day
D-Block - D-Block
D-Block - Told You
D-Block - Whats Really Hood?
D-Block - Freestyle
D-Block - Like This
D-Block - What Up Bitch?
D-Block - guns up
D-Block - Real Shit
D-Block - Survivor
D-Block - Get Mine
D-Block - Who's Dat