...And Stars Collide

And Stars Collide are a band from Nottingham that fit most closely into the genre labelled post-rock, playing guitar-driven instrumental music with a strong emphasis on dynamics. RecordsOnRibs.com note that while “post-rock is 99% tedium”, …And Stars Collide prove “there’s still plenty to be done with that 1%”.

Their self-financed debut EP brought the band a string of positive reviews, commending the intelligent musicianship that breathes new life into a niche that risked turning stale. After showcasing a selection of new material live during 2009, the focus is now on completing composition of a full-length album for release early next year.

Following successful local shows with the likes of Pure Reason Revolution, Rinoa and These Monsters, …And Stars Collide are keen to bring their stirring live sound to a wider audience. .