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There are at least two artists named Nava:
1) NAVA is a post-hardcore band started in 2012 by Chad Crawford (guitars, ex-Scary Kids Scaring Kids) and Hiram Hernandez (vocals, guitars), both previously of Curses. Later the two were joined by Tyler Brown (drums) and Chris Hedger (bass guitar).

Their first single "Something Better" was released on October 19, 2012.

On June 19, 2013 NAVA released a debut 5-track EP titled Daybreak.

2) After years of writing hits for Elvis Crespo, Olga Tanon, India, and other Latin stars, Rodolfo Nava Barrera shines in the spotlight on his promising debut release, a showcase of soulful Latin pop with authentic sabor. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter's throaty, rum-on-the-rocks vocals smoothly navigate a varied landscape of styles, from traditional island bomba and plena to romantic ballads, rock, and reggae. Nava swings effortlessly from the folkloric (the infectious La Vaquita) to the ethereal (the sitar-accented Agua Bendita). Nava could be accused of being too eclectic, but what he lacks in focus he makes up for in enthusiasm, which is obviously shared by the musicians accompanying him in the studio. A first-class lineup of talents (including Jerry Gonzalez on trumpet and percussionist Anthony Carrillo) stretches out, alternating hard-driving party rhythms with plaintive melodies. Like the pan-Latin hits of Carlos Vives and Mana's rootsy rock, Nava's contemporary arrangements have appeal for discriminating fans of both pop and Latin music. --Judy Cantor .

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