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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Fluffy is an all-girl British punk rock band from London. Formed in 1994. Lineup: Amanda Rootes - Vocals/Guitar, Angie Adams - Drums, Bridget Jones - Guitar, Helen Storer - Bass. Musically they were often described as a "messy" Elastica. In fact, one member admitted during an interview that they would often listen to Elastica while cleaning their flat because the music was so "clean" to them. In 1996 Fluffy toured in Japan with the Sex Pistols. Sadly, this exposure was not enough to keep the band afloat and they broke...
Участники: Mz. Starr - Вокал, тексты, продюсер Jim “The Jimbot“ Edwards - Гитара, machines Paule Martone - клавиши, бас From the dark rainy skies of Vancouver Canada, rises an irreverent force of nature in the form of Fluffy Starr. She rides in on her pink and gold cartoon skull emblazoned spaceship, unleashing her brand of Sci-Fi Rocktronica onto the world. Fluffy sees the future. A future with tall silver skyscrapers and colorful galaxy traversing vehicles. And music that is gorgeously organic and synthetic. Dark and light. Cold, yet emotional. Music that is real, and reflects our time. After very quick...
Найдено 197 песни, продолжительность: 13:32:18
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/fever dreams/
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