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1. Gates is an indie/post-rock/ambient band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band includes former members of Lydia and Bears & Bright Lights. Their debut EP, The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home, was released on January 25th, 2011, and their follow up, You Are All You Have Left...


Gates - Glimpse of Overlapping Dimensions
Gates - Forest Passageway, Hallway To the Void
Gates - Birds Plunging Through the Wall of the Ocean
Gates - Everything That Ever Has Been
Gates - Bloom
Gates - Persist in Delusion
Gates - Not My Blood
Gates - Light The First Page
Gates - The Thing That Would Save You
Gates - Nothing You'll Miss
Gates - At Last the Loneliest of Them
Gates - Born Dead
Gates - Marrow
Gates - Low
Gates - Again at the Beginning
Gates - Everything That Always Will Be
Gates - They Hide I
Gates - They Hide II
Gates - They Hide III
Gates - A Vague Ambition
Gates - Walls
Gates - Burned Us Alive
Gates - In The Morning
Gates - At The End of All Things
Gates - Sleepwalker
Gates - They See Only Shadows
Gates - Like This You Mean
Gates - Cast in the Pattern
Gates - To Those Who Fell…
Gates - …And To Those Who Carry On
Gates - The Sound of Letting Go
Gates - Skyline