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There are two bands named 9MM. 1) Band from Italy 2) Band from Germany 1) Mix up the purity of punk,the melodiousness of pop and a bit of hardcore fury and you'll have 9mm. This five pieces combo formed in Rome, Italy, in the first months of year 2000. Passing through various line up changes during the early years, the band has grown a unique strength and a deep convinction that everyone's effort brings results. Former drummers Bastiano and Luketto, now respectively playing in other bands such as POAH and Vanilla sky, helped growing 9mm lending their sweat to the...
9mm Parabellum Bullet was formed in March of 2004. Their name comes from their drummer, Kamijou Chihiro, who is a graduate of a soldier/finishing school. They recorded two early mini-albums, Gjallarhorn in 2005 and Phantomime in 2006, encompassing a variety of genres, including hardcore, punk, metal, pop, and emo, accentuated by their own fast-paced sound. 2007 saw the releases of the Discommunication e.p., featuring "Discommunication" and a 25 minute live track, and The World e.p. which featured newly recorded version of songs from Gjallarhorn in addition two new tracks, "The World" and "Heat-Island." At the end of 2007 they released...
For years, the fearsome foursome known as 9mm SOLUTION has been turning heads and eradicating eardrums, leaving bloody, barely moving masses as they tore across the Midwest’s music scene . After the physical intensity of their performance, it’s easy to see that this band is on a mission to prove themselves as one of the hardest-working stage acts in the biz. One of the many things that has always set 9mm SOLUTION apart from other acts has been their seemingly effortless ability to cover the spectrum of today’s heavy metal sound. With songs like Suicide Letter and Below, you get...
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My 9mm Goes Bang
Talking Machine
Beautiful Target
Deep Space 9mm
Heart Ni Hi Wo Tsukete
(Teenage) Disaster
9mm Bang
Ohne Dich
Schwarz Rot Gold
New School Hip Hop