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1. Absum* (U.S.) is a Funeral Doom project formed in 2007. Member of the Black Twilight Circle, alongside projects such as Ashdautas, Volahn, Arizmenda, Blue Hummingbird on the Left. Absum released its first demo in February 2008. Crepusculo Negro (Black Twilight label) recently compiled all previously self-released Absum material onto one tape titled 'Purgatoire.' Absum has a few tracks on an upcoming Rhinocervs label compilation tape, as well as a 2 song EP with the same label. *Not to be confused with the "Doom Black Drone" artist from Lodi, Italy 2. Absum is a Doom Black Drone artist hailing from...
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Absurd is a black metal / nsbm band from Germany. It was founded in Sondershausen by Hendrik Möbus and Sebastian Schauseil the 2'nd of January 1992, with the third member Andreas Kirchner joining them later on. Ronald 'Wolf' Möbus, Sebastian 'DMD' Schauseil, and Hendrik 'JFN' Möbus decided to respond to the New Wave of Black Metal with a band of their own. The choice of the band's name is apocryphal and is open to multiple interpretations. It is thought correct to assume an interrelation between the band name and one...
ABSURD CONFLICT are Brno, Czech Republic based metal band. They started with a tape "Hopeless Despair" (1998) which attracted Czech underground with melodic and aggressive death metal expression. The first official mini CD release "I'm Your History" (Meret Productions, 2001) offers more technical material full of innovative ideas. The band supports their record with a frequent live playing in the Czech Republic and neigbouring countries, including participation on major underground festivals. Their activities backed by management led by Louďa Dvořák help the band become established in the scene. Central European tours with GARDENS OF GEHENNA, PREJUDICE and most recently NEGLECTED...
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Pillars Of Mercy
The Gold Torques Of Ulaid
An Involution Of Thorns
A Shield With An Iron Face
She Cries The Quiete Lake
Highland Tyrant Attack
The Sun Of Tiphareth
Cyntefyn's Fountain
An Equinox Of Fathomless Disheartenment
The Gold Torques of Ulàid
Stone Of Destiny (For Magh Slecht And Ard Righ)
The Coming Of War
The Thrice Is Greatest To Ninningal
Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)
A Quest Into The 77th Novel
Infinite And Profane Thrones
Stone Of Destiny
Our Lust For Lunar Plains (Nox Luna Inlustris)
An Evolution Of Horns
Deathcrush including Silvester Angfang
Immortal Sorcery
Morbid Scream
Bron (Of The Waves)
A Magician's Lapis-Lazuli
Yrp Lluyddawc
Intelligence Towards The Crown
Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle
Tara (Recapitulation)
Sumerian Sands (The Silence)
The Winter Zephyr (Within Kingdoms Of Mist)
Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle (Live Bonus)
The Great Battle Moving From Ideal to Actual
Swing of the Axe
Reliquiae Celticae
Tasseomancy - Live
Highland Tyrant Attack - Live
Old Tombs at Hochdorf