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Afternoons in Stereo is a music project from Hamilton, Ontario. It encompasses jazz, funk, bossa, breakbeat, and downtempo. Afternoons in Stereo has independently released 2 full-length albums, "Aural Pleasure" (2004) and "Leaves of Brass" (2006). In 2006 "Leaves Of Brass" won the Hamilton Music Award 2006 for Best Electronic Album. Afternoons in Stereo is also the host of the popular radio program Urban Modernists on 93.3 CFMU in Southern Ontario and in Europe, a 90-minute show dedicated to jazz, funk, rare groove, breakbeat, and downtempo. Afternoons In Stereo won the Hamilton Music Award 2006 for Best Electronic Album for...
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Modernist Abode
Saarinen in Dub
Let's Get the Feeling
Esquema da Sophia Pt I
On The Way To Lucia's
Esquema da Sophia Pt III
Party at Dick and Mimi's
Esquema da Sophia Pt II
A New Dawn, A New Day
Everybody Wants It
King of the Iron Coast
The Art of Dolby
Soul Sugar (Auditors Domination Remix)
Promise (Original Mix)
How Does It Feel
Promise (Acusmatic Group Recrimed)
Esquema da Sophia, Pt. II
Feels Like Rain
Saarinen in Dub
modernist abode
Among The Cedars
King of the Iron Coast
Dusk in Andalusia
Asteroid Field Guide