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Alan Barry is an Italo disco alias-act that was produced by Mauro Farina, G. Crivellente and Severo Lombardoni. Alan Barry recorded several singles like «Good Vibrations», «Come On», «Hie Hie Hie», «Ring My Bell», «Tell Me The Reason», «Love Is Like A Dance», «You Got Me» and «Gimme Gimme». .
Found 39 songs, duration: 03:05:16
Good Vibrations
Come On
Buckets and Spades
Victim Оf Love
Alan Barry - Top Hits Mega-Mix (Maxi Version)
Ring The Bell (Extended)
Hie Hie Hie (Long Version)
Good Vibrations (Mix Version)
Gimme Gimme (Euro Mix)
Good Vibrations (Mix Version)
Love Is Like A Dance (Rino Facchinetti - vocal)
Good Vibrations
Come On
Ring The Bell
Good vibrations ( radio version ) ( 1986 )
Show Me Your Love
Come On
Come One
Innocent (Extended Version)
Good Vibration.(Mix Version).(1986).
Gimme Gimme
The Beaten Side Of Town (OST Alan Wake)
Ring The Bell.(Extended Version).(1987).
Good Vibrations (Dance Mix)
Gimme Gimme
Tell Me The Reason