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See them storm forth like the dancing flames of immortal fire! Back in 1989, Chris Anderle and Franz Josef Krebs began to gather musicians who were able to express their morbid moods and unholy emotions through litanies of dark, extreme Metal music. Ancient Ceremony became a reality when several members (partly sessionists) joined the band to complete the line-up under the Winter Moon of 1991. Here began the formation of the band's musical identity with powerful guitars, atmospheric keyboards, extreme vocals and Satanic lyrics. In 1993 the first successful step into the international underground was done with the "WHERE SERPENTS...
Found 56 songs, duration: 06:43:41
Veil of Desire
Celtic Wedding
Secrets Under Blackened Sky
Shadows of the Undead
Under Moonlight We Kiss
Eternal Goddess
The Beauty in Candlelight
Pale Nocturnal Majesty
Her Ebony Slumber
New Eden Embraces
Full Moon Ceremony
Dulcet Seduction
Healing Ceremony
The Ancient Ceremony
Ancient Earth
Ancient Ceremony
Ancient Ceremony From Astral Land
Cemetary Visions
The God And The Idol
Choir Of Immortal Queens
An Ode To The Moon
Forsaken Gardens
Death in Desire's Masquerade
Brides Ghostly Grace
With Mephistophelic Egotheism
The Tragedy of Foresaken Angels
Shadows Of The Undead
Symphoni Satani
Fallen Angel's Symphony (1999)
Vampyresque Wedding Night [Moonlight Love]
Veil of Desire
Seed Of Evil
Vampyre's Birth
God And Idol
The Third Testament (2002)
Ancient Ceremony (Daemonis Compendium Cover)
Synagoga Diabolica (2000)
P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all
Exodus 10,28
Deorum Contemptor
Crowned Child (Demo)
The Devil Introduced...(Demo)
Choir Of Immortal Queens