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Archive is a music-collective, originating from London, UK, but based in Paris, France for many years where they enjoy a much bigger following. They are signed to Warner Music France. Archive was formed by Londoners Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths in 1994 and began as an electronica project. At the beginning, they mixed Bristol-style, Massive Attack, Portishead with Rap. The first album of the band, Londinium released in 1996 (with Roya Arab and Rosko John as guest vocalists). The second album, Take my Head, (which the band hates) was released in 1999 (with a new guest vocalist Suzanne Wooder), it...
Archives were a Dundee based band (May 2006 - July 2008) who featured former members of The Fall of Boss Koala, A Written Apology, Avast! and others. The band sat somewhere between screamo, post hardcore and post rock and were influenced by the likes of Daitro, Envy, Red Sparowes, From Monument to Masses. They have a 3 track demo from 2007 and a 6 track album 'Decline' which was released in 2009 on DiZZY SToRM Records You can purchase 'Decline' here DiZZY SToRM Records The band is no longer...but members of the band have gone on to bigger and better...
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Злой человек
Half Built Houses
Kid Corner
Riding in Squares
Uh Uh (Hit Em With The)
Никотин Archive Version
Cold Summer (Archive)
Should've Picked Up/Let Go
Archive Seven
Whiskey and Water
Switch Up
Crushin On Leah
Hit Running
Feeling You!