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There are at least four artists that go by the name Aubrey. -Aubrey Starr-McBride performs experimental prepared turntablism. He has released many single tracks for free online, and is preparing to self-release a small, full length CD run. -A frenetic mash-up artist who has created some original ambient music as well. -An electronic new-wave band created and produced by Brian C. Hutson and Ryan Thomas Becker, incorporates classic instrumentation and orchestral compositions, with electronic programming, and sampling. - The alias of house and techno producer Allen Saei who also runs the Solid Groove label with Mark Ambrose .
Aubrey was born in Cleveland, Ohio in November of 1976 and was named after the song Aubrey by the nostalgic group, Bread. Her Mother raised her, along-side her younger brother Beau, single-handedly. In the sting of the divorce of her parents at age six and the nip of lake effect, Aubrey quickly became acquainted with raw emotion and the constant tests on her growing character. There was very little support and money and although the atmosphere was grim, her Mother was determined to raise well-rounded, strong thriving children. Coming from a long line of creative minds, Aubrey was no exception....
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