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August Way are an inventive Pop/Rock band and have been fusing genres together since August 2004 as a duo which comprised of Mobius Barnaby (Vocals/Cello) and Omen Facto (Vocals/Guitar) they met whilst studying at University in Brisbane Australia. Later joined by Brendan Elliott (Bass) and Julian Porter (Drums) Their sound has quickly developed into something wholly unique and yet totally accessible, as they effortlessly create catchy rock hooks beautiful harmonies and classical, intense strains of an electric cello. Mobius, has a strong Musical background, hailing from a large family he learnt various instruments from an early age including, Violin, Flute,...
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Help on the Way / Slipknot!
In My Own Way
Either Way You Go
Walk This Way
The Way Home
Get The Fuck Off (GTFO)
Finding My Way
The Way It Goes
Searching for a Way
Show Me the Way
Lead the Way
Way Cool Ken
The Way You Do
Another Way
No Way To Say Goodbye
Below The Milky Way
Here Where You Are
The Way It Goes (2017)
If I Knew The Way
The Way I Never Knew How (feat. Roy August)
Sweetest Kind of Pain
Face To Face
The Way It Goes
The Way of Souls
(Well) On the Way
A way out
Somewhere in Time
Max And Helen
Any Way You Want It
The Way Home
Lead the way
Here I Go Again
Walk This Way
Take It This Way
Make My Way
Finding My Way
On my way To Paradise
WAY DOWN WE GO [August 7, 2015] Official