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BBQ is used by at least two performers: There is the solo artist with the real name Mark Sultan going by the nomiker "BBQ" and then there is a German three man combo going by the nomiker "BBQ". 1. Mark Sultan "Mark Sultan, better known as BBQ of one-man band and King Khan & BBQ Show fame, has been pounding out his own stew of R&B, rockabilly, garage, doo wop, psychedelia, punk and whatnot since he was a mere child fronting Montreal's Spaceshits. Releasing a slew of albums and touring relentlessly, Sultan has established quite a reputation as a...
BBQ Chickens is the 80`s infuenced punk-hardcore band from Japan. They were founded in 2000 in Tokyo by 4 guys: Hatano (Drums), Hongolian (Vocal), Iso (Bass), Ken (Guitar). BBQ Chickens released 4 albums: "INDIE ROCK STRIKES BACK" (2001), "GOODBYE TO YOUR PUNK ROCK" (2002), the album of covers "FINE SONGS PLAYING SUCKS" (2003) and "CROSSOVER AND OVER" (2011). Also they had an appearance on MTV's “Jackass” program, and a prize for Best Alternative Video for their song “Sick Guy/Stupid Magazine,” at Space Shower Music Video Awards. .
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