BUMP OF CHICKEN is a Japanese rock band formed in 1994 by 4 members: Motoo Fujiwara (Vocal/Guitar), Hiroaki Masukawa (Guitar), Yoshifumi Naoi (Bass) and Hideo Masu (Drums). They have been friends since preschool in the city of Sakura, Chiba Prefecture. Motoo's lyrics in particular receive acclaim. The band chose the English name to mean "cowards strike back" although they have admitted in interviews that it might not be grammatically correct English. The band has been influenced especially by The Beatles and they actually started out playing covers of The Beatles songs at school festivals. Although their music can be quite...
Found 140 songs, duration: 12:33:13
firefly (Originally Performed by BUMP OF CHICKEN)
HAPPY (Originally Performed by BUMP OF CHICKEN)
Chicken Bump of a Man with a Mission
Sirius (Juushinki Pandora OP) (TV-Size)
Hello, World! (Nissan Stadium Live)
Aria (String version)
Gekkou-(Karakuri Circus OP Ext )
Ribbon (studio live)
ジャングルジム (Jungle Gym)
流れ星の正体 (Nagareboshi no Shoutai)
望遠のマーチ | Bouen no March
Zero (Final Fantasy Type-0 OST)
Kodoku no Gasshou (Nissan Stadium Live)