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BANTU is a 13-piece musical collective founded by Ade Bantu. The band features multi-instrumentalists and singers who perform as a collective. Their music is an eclectic fusion of the rich cultural heritage of the Yorubas and hybrid Sounds of the Afropolitan movement. Social consciousness, satire and personal stories constitute an essential element of their message and music, which they use to inspire both the minds and hips of their listeners. BANTUemerged on the Nigerian musical scene in 1999 with their catchy dance single, “Nzogbu”. Since then, the collective has had a string of radio hits which earned them a loyal...
More than music, Bantunani is primarily an adventure, the will of a person to continually unite around her musicians from all walks of life to draw a sound, thought, and a groove nomadic that caresses the ages languages and styles. It rubs happy soul, funk, R & B and Afrobeat in a world where the guitars are expressed between joy and arrogance behind hushed vocals. Every second, rumba home can break. Listen Bantunani implies a freedom, a total lack of boundaries and a love of music colorful human humanist message. Behind the pen vindictive, melancholy, hides the eyes of Michel...
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Photoshop Reality
Lyriciste bantu
Bantu Bird
El Bantú
Ma Ko Ba Mi (Coflo & DJ Said Remix)
Omo Wale (Back Home)
Bantu Nilote
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