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Beck Hansen (born Bek David Campbell, July 8, 1970) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Beck's music is known for its pop-junk culture collage of musical styles, ironic lyrics, samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and heady sound effects.Beck was born in Los Angeles, California, to David Campbell (a...


Beck - Deadweight
Beck - Electric Music And The Summer People
Beck - Brother
Beck - Lemonade
Beck - Lloyd Price Express
Beck - Clock
Beck - Gettin' Home
Beck - Lampshade
Beck - Steve Threw Up
Beck - It's All in Your Mind
Beck - Got No Mind
Beck - Supergolden (Sunchild)
Beck - Fume (live Boston 1994)
Beck - Special People
Beck - Trouble All My Days
Beck - Leave Me on the Moon
Beck - Last Night I Traded My Souls Innermost for Some Pickled Fish
Beck - Underwater Music
Beck - Totally Confused
Beck - Corvette Bummer
Beck - MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack
Beck - Asshole (live Boston 1994)
Beck - The Golden Age
Beck - Paper Tiger
Beck - Guess I'm Doing Fine
Beck - Lonesome Tears
Beck - Lost Cause
Beck - End of the Day
Beck - Round the Bend
Beck - Already Dead
Beck - Sunday Sun
Beck - Little One
Beck - Side of the Road
Beck - Deadweight (edit)
Beck - Erase The Sun
Beck - SA-5
Beck - Timebomb
Beck - Timebomb (Instrumental)
Beck - Orphans
Beck - Gamma Ray
Beck - Chemtrails
Beck - Modern Guilt
Beck - Youthless
Beck - Walls
Beck - Replica
Beck - Soul of a Man
Beck - Profanity Prayers
Beck - Volcano
Beck - Devils Haircut
Beck - Hotwax