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1-Biba is an Italo Disco singer, who was produced by T. Cassidy, Davide Romani and Giancarlo Meo. Biba released several singles: "Close To You", "Do Your Thing", "Top Model", "Istambul", "Otomatic Fever", "Break Of Dawn" and "Hangin' On/Space Travel". 2-Biba are an ambient folk-electronica duo who specialise in pounding drum machines and echoy guitar. Hailing from the small mining town of Heanor, buried somewhere in the East Midlands some eight miles from Derby they comprise of James Faulkner (formerly of JFI) and Matt Spalding (ex-Distopia, also currently of Mascot Fight) they have a wide range of influences, though are principally...
The Biba Band was born as a bit of a joke, but also a bit because of these musicians' common love for the songs of Weather Report, the band who, throughout the Seventies, experimented a contamination of jazz with ethno-black influences by incorporating a mix of sounds that today we would probably call World Music, or Acid Jazz, or perhaps even Electronic Music. It was the summer of 1992 when Picosta, Faso, Maxx Furian and Alex Baroni emerged from Elba Island's sea like modern-day mermaids but male and with extremely refined musical tastes, and proceeded to sing and play (beating...
After a long search by the Belgian Media it became clear Biba's “Je t’aime mélancolie” was not sung by the niece of Juliet Binoche, nor was her father a famous Parisian Jazz Saxophone player, although her dad lives in France. Biba is Tabloid and Playboy darling “Betty” the most famous visitor of the big brother house ever. Biba is not a puppet on a string anymore she’s a rebel with a cause with a will and dreams of her own. Je t’aime mélancolie a cover version and respected by the original author Mylène Farmer caused a commotion and gave her...
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Бессонница (feat. Biba)
Broken Vals - Rework
Снег (feat. Dasha DaRu)
L'Asie se élève
Cold Love
Поверь мне
L'absinthe brûle
Your Voice (Feat Biba)
Mise en abyme
Aaja Nachale
Viva Rock (Music Box)
Sacred Purr
Grâce à la pluie je grandis
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Danse des lumières
Théâtre d'ombres chinois
Wish DJ Play My Song
Mar De Ardora
Iria Flavia
Wish DJ Play My Song
Fête sous les étoiles
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Without You
An Ephemeral Act of Faith