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Black Hearted Brother is an English band, the work of Neil Halstead (of Mojave 3) and long time collaborators and friends, Mark Van Hoen (Seefeel, Locust) and Nick Holton (Holton’s Opulent Oog, Coley Park). Their debut album, "Stars Are Our Home" was released on October 22, 2013, on Slumberland Records. It was Alfred Bester, if I recall correctly, who called 'the stars my destination', in his brilliant novel of the same name from 1956. Long considered a libertarian science fiction classic, it's also notable for featuring one of the very first accounts of synaesthesia in English-language fiction. This might be...
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Time in the Machine
The Longest Day
(I Don’t Mean To) Wonder
This Is How It Feels
My Baby Just Sailed Away
If I Was Here to Change Your Mind
Stars Are Our Home
Look Out Here They Come
Time In The Machine
If I Was Here To Change Your Mind
Look Out Here They Come