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Jesper Forselius from the small town Gnarp in the north of Sweden has not only made a name for himself as one of the most perverted men north of Reeperbahn, and a very talented drummer as well. He has also recorded some extremely hard postmortem tapes the last few years, under the moniker Blod, although up to now nothing has been made available to the public. This is probably because Mr. Forselius rather spends his time lurking around bus-stops to accost poor little schoolgirls. And who could blame him for not having time to distribute tapes to ungrateful onanists, when...
Blodhemn saw the light of night in 2004, a one-man Black Metal band formed by Invisus as an outlet for his need to spread his music and lyrics. The first demo raised a lot of eyebrows in the underground scene in 2008, and the critically acclaimed EP “Brenn Alle Bruer” from 2010 made it clear that Invisus and Blodhemn were very serious about what they were doing. Blodhemn became an underground phenomenon, which soon earned a reputation as a stunning live band. As a result of this, the band was handpicked to play at the main stage of the industry...
Blodsband is a Swedish black metal band and the band name means 'blood relationship' or 'kinship' in Swedish. Not to be confused with the Swedish RAC band Blodsband, who appeared on a split with Angriff in 2006. .
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Skåler med blod
En Stram Lukt Av Kristent Blod
Kvasirs Blod
Stilhedens Strømmen I Fuglenes Blod
Blod, Eder Og Galle
Blod og Aske
Av Blod Är Jag Kommen
Blod Skall Flöda
Løber I Mit Blod
Skåler med blod
En Tulipan Blå som Blod
Vårt blod, våra liv
Blod & Stål
Skrivet I Mitt Blod
Blod-Porsteinn eystri
Unge Kniva
Bröders Blod
Kjøtt Og Blod
Spott, Blod & Jord
När Mitt Blod Pumpar I Dej
Store Ord (Røyk Og Speil)
Blått Blod
Konung Krönt I Blod
I Mit Blod
Med Ulver
Att Drirka Nagons Blod
Alfa Kropp Alfa Blod
For Dem Mitt Blod
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Vin Blod Sex Mord
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