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Briskey is the musical child of Gert Keunen. With the new album Before-During-After Briskey has headed into a new direction: darker, slower and an even higher soundtrack-factor; but at the same time it sounds stimulating, pulsing and dynamic. Cinematic postjazz. Cucumber Lodge (2003) and Scarlett Road-house (2006) showcased the unique synthesis of jazz and electronica, live instrumentation and samples and garnered a lot of attention from the press. Several tracks from these albums were licensed for use on compilations in the Netherlands, Germany, France (on the bestseller 'Saint Germain Des Prés Café'!), Portugal, Greece, Italy all the way to Brasil...
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Nothing to Lose
Don't Want to Talk About It
Nothing to Lose
I Will Be Here
Baton Jaune
Nothing To Lose
The Man With An Oiled Mustache
Briskey Brisket
Illicit Liaison
After Hours
Strange Love
You Want Me (Forever)
Don't Want To Talk About It
I Love You Like a Lover
Dream Days
Baby Don't Go
Pretty Blonde Girls
American Spirit
Conchita's Cabine
Madison Avenue
Next to You
You Got Me