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Chateaux were a British (NWOBHM) band active in the 1980s. They released one single and 3 full-length albums (Chained & Desperate, FirePower and Highly Strung) between 1982 and 1985, and split in the late 80s. .
Found 67 songs, duration: 04:51:35
Ride Ride
Between Us
Forever Young
Karma Karma
Side Girl
Brand New Start
Cosmic Boy
Kissing Her
Burned Down
The Prophet
Chateaux Dans Le Ciel Farfisfa Syntorchestra
Black Glass Chateaux
Chateaux Banana! parts XIII-XVI
Abandoned Chateaux
The Chateaux De Ville (Live)
Faux Chateaux
O chateaux echoues
Chateaux sur Lame
Chateaux sur Loire
Nous n'avons de chateaux
Chateaux Descartes
Des chateaux
Chateaux Monfort
Those Good Times
Les chateaux de sable
Burn Out at Dawn
Chateaux Delirium
The Dawn Surrendered
Straight to the Heart
Straight To The Heart (Vinyl Rip)
White Steel
Reference Man (part I)
Midnight Star
Spirit Of The Chateaux
Baton Rouge
Burn Out At Dawn (Vinyl Rip)
Spirit Of The Chateaux