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Clams or CLAMS is the name of more than one artist: 1) Japanese shoegaze 2) experimental electronic 3) rock 4) an American band consisting of all members of Ohio brain-fryers Lambsbread and James Ferraro of The Skaters, Lamborghini Crystal etc. 5) An experimental indie band from Binghamton, NY. They have one released in 2010, Clam Jam 1) A Japanese shoegaze band from Osaka, formed in September, 2001. The group includes Asami Clam, Hisashi Clam, Takayuki Clam, Takeshi Clam. The group's first album "CLAMS" was released in January, 2003. Their pop sensibility is influenced by The Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo...
Clams Casino is the pseudonym of New Jersey resident Mike Volpe, who has shot from relative obscurity to production sensation thanks to a handful of blistering tracks. Edging into the limelight after passing tunes to Soulja Boy and Bay Area superstar Lil B, his originality has resonated with more than just rap fans. Clams hasn’t confined his songwriting to rap music alone, and listening to his productions you can hear a keen sense of harmony, a pop sensibility and a willingness to let sounds dissolve into an uncharacteristic dream-like haze. After a genre-bending EP Rainforest on the esteemed Tri Angle...
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Tic Toc
Reflections On Mitch Ryder's "Jenny take A Ride"
For Goodness Sake
Pills in My Pocket
A Beach Covered in Yawning Clams
The Ballad of Jello Biafra
Clams and Dams
Illest Alive
Anthem Of The Clams
Thanks and Sorry
Jump In Infinity
Things Keep On Changin'
Clams to Show
Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams
In the Summertime
Clams On The Half Shell
Way Around
Acres of Clams (feat. Bill Staines)
There Ain't No God (And You Die When You Die)
Three Closed Clams
La Habana Nunca Serà La Misma Sin Tì
Waitin' at the End of the Road
K-13 Clams
The Sifter