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There are two artists with this name Dania Khatib (Arabic: دانية الخطيب), born February 13, 1973 , is an Arabic singer of Lebanese origin. Dania Khatib was born and brought up in Lebanon and in time honoured fashion, has loved music since she was a child. Her interest in singing was always apparent in early childhood when it was her hobby to sing in her room, recording and playing back her favourite songs. She started off working as a TV presenter for one of the local stations in Lebanon and became well known locally - a totally different direction from...
Dania Giò, born on June 26th, 1987 in Geneva, is known for her hit with IVYRISE called Line up the Stars,the theme song for Totally Spies, and the theme song for Tara Duncan - "Sortcelière". She is signed with My Major Company. Dania Gio was born on June 26th, 1987 in Geneva, and has Sicilian origins. She discovered her singing ability at the age of seven and also her energy with the training of the instruments. Dania Gio wins a competition on NRJ Léman and records a duet with Léna Ka. Dania is then taken under the wing of the...
Dania Shapes is Daniel Lopatin, who began recording ambient compositions in his bedroom while studying aesthetic philosophy and experimental music at Hampshire College (USA). As a child, Lopatin had studied piano under the training of his mother, but he was a whimsical young boy and didn’t have the requisite precociousness that classical training required of him. Thus, he turned to his father’s old Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. He quickly learned a thing or two about the extreme drama of the mod wheel, erased all of his father’s organ presets in favor of toneless noise, and the rest is history. Celebrating the...
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Девочка загадка
Totally Spies
Super Girl
Yalla Ya Habibi
El Hilwa Di
Yalla Bina
La Tehtar
De Mí Enamorate
Bahibak Inta Wi Bas
Hoka Hei
Princess Dania
Gwałt własnego pożądania
This is Not a Love Song (Club Mix)
Bars At The Sesh - S2E12
Was für ein Gott
Listen To My Heart (Coucou Song)
This is Not a Love Song (Original Mix)
Afrahou Gannouh
Dania Bikhir
The Drum
Ich bin dein Gott
Line Up the Stars
Rayah Albak
This is Not a Love Song (Pigalle Mix)
Mafish Tari'a
Foug El Nakhal
Ya Salam
Bild von dir
Cradle to the Grave - Remix
Shou Baddak
Kein Gott ausser dir
The First Dawn
Raum in mir