Danzel is a Belgian house and dance singer who reached the Top 10 in late 2004 with the single "Pump It Up". Danzel alias Johan Waem was born in Beveren-Waas, Belgium on November 9, 1976. He was 1 of the 20 finalists of the Belgian Idols; "Idool 2003". Singles "You...


Danzel - Pump It Up
Danzel - Don't Leave Me With The Light On
Danzel - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
Danzel - Clap Your Hands
Danzel - My Arms Keep Missing You
Danzel - Legacy
Danzel - My Direction
Danzel - Undercover
Danzel - Jump
Danzel - Blue
Danzel - Heaven Is A Part Of Me
Danzel - Dancin' Shoez
Danzel - Turn On My Own
Danzel - Shame
Danzel - Unlocked
Danzel - What Is Life
Danzel - Put Your Hands Up In The Air! (Radio Edit)
Danzel - Put Your Hands Up in the Air! (Extended Mix)
Danzel - Dance Hostess
Danzel - You Are All Of That - Radio Video Edit
Danzel - You Are All Of That (Extended Mix)
Danzel - You Are All of That (NBG Mix)
Danzel - Pump It Up (Basic J's R&B Remix)
Danzel - You Are All Of That (Radio Edit)
Danzel - Pump It Up (Radio Edit)
Danzel - He Ho D'Samba
Danzel - Happy Days
Danzel - The Tabledancer
Danzel - Broom
Danzel - Money
Danzel - Nu Nu
Danzel - The Feeling Is So Right
Danzel - Wonderland
Danzel - Downtown
Danzel - Home Again