Death Valley Girls#2 | en

It’s easy to mistake Death Valley Girls for a biker gang. First of all, the members of this snarling garage-rock quartet all look like they jumped out from the pages of Karlheinz Weinberger’s Rebel Youth (an amazing book documenting ’50s and ’60s juvenile gangs). And at any one of their shows, a row of ratty, raked-out choppers can be seen lined up in classic motorcycle-club formation. Even their names are reminiscent of vintage biker B-movies: Bonnie Bloomgarden is the leader of the pack. Peering out from a straight line of jet-black bangs is a bass player who just goes by...
Found 67 songs, duration: 03:55:01
Unzip Your Forehead
Death Valley Boogie
Electric High
Disaster (Is What We're After)
Dream Cleaver
T.V. in Jail on Mars
Street Justice
It All Washes Away
(One Less Thing) Before I Die
Pink Radiation
Born Again and Again
Death Valley Boogie
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