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There are 6 artists named Duel: 1.Duel - Twin Violin Classical Music 2.Duel - is a Hungarian Producer with the real name Attila Szabó 3.Duel - 80s Retro Synthe Pop Band from Tokyo Japan. 4.duel - was an underground swedish shoegaze band 5. Duel - is a French pop group 6. Duel - stoner rock band from Austin Texas 6. DUEL is heavy psychedelic stoner metal from Austin, Texas. Hugely influenced by the darker sounds of early 70’s Proto-metal. Features two ex Scorpion Child (Nuclear Blast)members. Their sound is menacing and brutally old school. Total purists, their tunes cut right...
Duel of Fate is a Gothic Progressive Metal band from Puerto Rico with Power Metal and Symphonic Metal influences. .
DuelJewel is a visual rock band from Japan formed in January of 1997 by guitarist Shun, drummer VAL and the now former members bassist Psy and a vocalist hayato. Despite changes in their line-up early in their career, the band has established a strong fanbase in both their home country and abroad. A focal point to DuelJewel's music is its diversity, from their heart wrenching ballads to their hard rock tunes, every member contributes to the band's overall sound to create at least one song that everyone should love. Since 2002 the band's line-up has remained consistent with Hayato [隼人]...
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Duel of the Fates
Garrett: Duel Guitar Vs. Violin
Duel in the Wild West
Duel of the Fates
Duel of the Fates
Duel 35
Duel Of The Iron Mics
Duel of the Fates
The Final Saber Duel
The Duel for Eternal Supremacy
A Duel For Blood
Duel Of Druids
Duel of the Fates