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There are two artists named E-Type: 1) Swedish singer. 2) English old school hardcore producer. E-type (real name: Bo Martin Erik Eriksson) is a Swedish Eurodance singer born on August 27, 1965. He became known to the audience in 1991 when the hit single "We've Got the Atmosphere" was released. This single went directly to the top of the Swedish charts. After that, E-type became well known in the Swedish entertainment world as a television host, film soundtrack composer and a song writer for several Swedish artists. On the 10th of June 2000 he performed at the opening ceremony of...
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Promise Type Beat
Es ist nie vorbei
Tell Me Why
Melancholia (Goth / Emo Type Beat)
Type of Woman (Feat. P.A.C.E)
Tom 5 Type-E
Jaguar E-Type
Trap Flute Channel Jovem Dex e Jaya Luck Type Beat
The El Type Trip
Type E
JuiceWRLD Type Beat
My Type of Party
Aladdin Dudu e Vk Mac Type Beat
Lofi type beat
"Una E-Girl Me Va a Funar" Type Beat
H E R X Big Sean Type Beat
Hardcore Will Never Die
Easy-e Type Beat "compton"
Type of Music
Burn Type-E
Type Tartaglia e Hutao
Type of Girl
E Type 2015
Tha Boss Type (feat. D.L.E.MM.A.)
Settle Down Type (Work in Progress)
Ain't My Type
Model Type Chick
F R E S H Bad Bunny Type Beats
Jaguar E-Type
Internet Type