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From their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/easelhardcore "Current and ex-members of WWIT, Eulogies For, And Believe, Shook Ones, CHAKKAMEN,Ran-Chiki,neko and NPH joined forces to form a melodic punk/hardcore band in the vein of lifetime and kid dynamite. Voc: Knov Bas: Masa Dru: Shin Gui: k-sk Gui: shintaLOW.AOK" --------------------- Releases: 3 Song Demo CD - 2006 Shook Ones/Easel - Split 7"/EP - Alliance Trax/Modern Alchemy - 2007 Self-Titled EP - Alliance Trax - 2008? .
Found 197 songs, duration: 13:43:38
Ease Off
Ease My Mind
Ease Off The Liquor
Ease On Down The Road #1
Ease My Mind (feat. Tre Hardson, Fat Lip, Omni)
Save Your Mercy For The Lepers
Approaching The End
Ease My Mind
Ease The Pain
ease your mind