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Mr. Eicca Toppinen, a graduate of the prestigious Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, is founder and main songwriter of the unique Finnish "cello metal" band called Apocalyptica, which celebrated its 10th year of existence in 2006. 2007 has been a busy year for the cello-rocker: besides writing most of the songs on Apoc's recently released 6th studio album (Worlds Collide), Eicca has also composed the soundtrack for a Finnish drama titled Black Ice (Musta Jää), which, besides melancholic and slow themes, also features the trademark hard, "amplified" cello-sound of Apocalyptica. Eicca is currently on tour with Apocalyptica promoting Worlds Collide. .
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The Great Divide (feat. Eicca Toppinen)
Dinner Party Instrumental Music
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Black Ice (feat. Hanna Pakarinen)